Publish with Us

Check back in Fall 2022 for your next opportunity to publish with us!

All Hamline students and alumni are welcome to share their writing, art, and/or multimedia work with the world (or campus at least) by publishing with Untold. We hire contributors in Fall and Spring only. If you’re interested in working with us, plan to attend a general interest meeting early in the semester, but if you have a scheduling conflict email us at to let us know you’d like to be a contributor.


We publish a mix of journalism, creative nonfiction, and art in our print issue and digital and/or multimedia pieces here on our website. Past issues have included community interest articles, interviews, profiles, reviews, poetry, short memoirs, photo essays, collages, audio reflections, and more.

We’re always looking for new ideas and are willing to work with contributors to make their vision happen.

Publishing in Print

We publish one print issue per semester. Some issues are open while others are based on a specific theme. Although we don’t have a strict word count, these are our general guidelines:

  • Lifestyle section: 800-1,000 word articles; and 1,200-1,400 word features
  • Musings section: 600-800 words
  • Art section: 1 page with one large piece; 1 page with two or three smaller pieces; and 2-page spreads

Based on these guidelines, our issues are typically 32-40 pages, depending on contributor submissions.

Publishing Online

In Spring 2021 we published our first non-print piece, with the goal of expanding our digital submissions. We welcome audio, video, and interactive formats and any combination (text is welcome too). Our online pieces can be either:

  • Supplemental content: companions to print pieces such as interview excerpts and additional photos/videos; recommended resources or reading lists; etc.
  • Exclusive content: digital photo essays; video projects; theatrical recordings; games; interactive storytelling; etc.



Untold is a paying publication. We increased our contributor pay this year and will continue to do so as funds are available. These are our current rates per piece:

Written Submissions

800 words or fewer $25
801-1,000 words$30
1,001 words and more$35

Art Submissions

1 page (1 or multiple pieces)$25
2-page spread$30

Digital Submissions

Audio only$25
Supplemental to print issue$10



We follow this general editorial timeline to ensure our issues are available before finals week each semester:


  • Potential Contributors sign up at org fair, open house, or online.
  • Editorial team hosts introductory meeting; Contributors pitch ideas.
  • Contributors (print) whose pitches are accepted begin working; Section Editors provide assistance on drafts.
  • Contributors (website) whose pitches are accepted begin working; Art Director addresses technology/digital needs.
  • Staff Photographer contacts Contributors, arranges photoshoots as needed.
  • Design Chief drafts layout for print issue.
  • Social Media and Web Manager shares editorial team bios.


  • Contributors (print) submit first drafts or proof of concept.
  • Section Editors provide feedback; Copy Editor reviews for any problems with research, sources, copyright, etc.
  • Staff Photographer begins photoshoots.
  • Design Chief continues layout for print issue.
  • Social Media and Web Manager shares updates.


  • Contributors (website) submit pieces.
  • Art Director reviews submissions, works with Social Media and Web Manager to prepare website.
  • Contributors (print) revise drafts and resubmit.
  • Section Editors make editorial edits, contact Contributors for clarification.
  • Staff Photographer finishes photoshoots, takes additional photos as requested, and writes captions as needed.
  • Design Chief finalizes layout for print issue.
  • Social Media and Web Manager shares issue teasers.


  • Copy Editor proofreads print issue for clarity, conciseness, and spelling/grammar, checks photo captions for accuracy.
  • Editor in Chief, Managing Editor, and Faculty Advisor review print issue, recommend final edits.
  • Design Chief makes edits, packages issue, and sends it to printer.
  • Social Media and Web Manager finalizes and uploads digital pieces to website.

Late-November/April—Early December/May

  • Print issue delivered and distributed on campus.
  • Digital pieces posted on website.
  • Social Media and Web Manager announces issue is live.
  • Editorial team hosts release party for Contributors and campus community.
DISCLAIMER: At any point the Editor in Chief, in consultation with the Managing Editor, reserves the right to pull a piece from publication (print or online) if a Contributor consistently fails to meet deadlines and/or does not submit work agreed upon with their Section Editor/Art Director. The EIC may also take such action if a Contributor severely and grossly disregards the Society of Professional Journalists' Code of Ethics, which Untold uses as a guiding document. A Contributor will be given opportunity to correct any infractions before their piece is pulled from publication without pay.