Our History

Hamline University’s first and only student-run community magazine.

Untold Magazine is a print and online magazine published by Hamline University undergrads. Untold is one of four campus publications that make up Hamline’s Student Media Board (SMB). Editorial leadership and faculty advisors of each publication serve on SMB, whose goal is to oversee, support, and uphold editorial independence. As per its constitution, SMB ensures all publications are able to operate independently of University administration, staff, faculty, and student body.

Keep reading to learn about Untold‘s history and evolution:


Founded in Fall 2015 by Hamline undergraduate Gino Terrell, Untold Magazine was first published as Pipers In-Depth. Serving as its first Editor in Chief, Terrell created the magazine to fill a niche in campus publications by providing in-depth feature stories on members of the Hamline community. Terrell’s vision garnered regional attention. The Associated Collegiate Press (ACP) named Pipers In-Depth as a 2016 Best of the Midwest Best of Show Winner: the magazine earned 4th place in the Four-year Less Than Weekly Newspaper category, and Terrell earned 10th place in the Feature Story category. Also recognized was Managing Editor Cloe Gray, who won the In-Depth Reporting category and was a finalist in the Feature Photography category (Small School Division) at the 2016 Society of Professional Journalists Region 6 Mark of Excellence Awards.

  • Cover of Pipers In-Depth, Fall 2015 issue
  • Cover of Pipers In-Depth, Spring 2016 issue
  • Cover of Pipers In-Depth, Fall 2016 issue

After Terrell’s graduation in 2016, Gray teamed up with former Sports Editor Travis Whitt to serve as co-Editors in Chief. The pair continued publishing in-depth reporting on the Hamline community and also began prioritizing layout as an important aspect of storytelling. With both editors preparing to graduate in 2017, Whitt tapped Contributor Rebecca Higgins to carry on the magazine. He had a vision for evolving the publication into a different type of journalism, something that could spread stories that were “more creative, engaging, and mostly weird.”



Higgins was inspired by Whitt’s ideas, and so the publication was rebranded as Canvas Magazine in Fall 2017. Higgins stayed true to the magazine’s founding mission but embraced the “weird” by breaking away from traditional two-page spreads, incorporating more intentional and pleasing designs, and publishing both journalistic and creative pieces including art. The result achieved Whitt’s vision of storytelling that “canvassed” the community with a fresh perspective.

Canvas continued to evolve the following year when former Managing Editor Chloé McElmury became the magazine’s next Editor in Chief. Joined by Managing Editor Franki Hanke and Design Chief Natalie Pieterick, McElmury leaned further into the creative and fostered a quirky direction for the publication. The Fall 2018 issue saw the addition of photo essays and collages, as well as a more consistent design strategy. The editorial team also created a web and social media presence, the first in the publication’s history.

  • Cover of Canvas Magazine, Fall 2017 issue
  • Cover of Canvas Magazine, Spring 2018 issue
  • Cover of Canvas Magazine, Fall 2018 issue
  • Cover of Canvas Magazine, Spring 2019 issue

When the magazine handed over to the next editorial team, there weren’t plans to change things. But former Contributor, now Editor in Chief Sydney Holets got thrown a curveball: Hamline switched learning management systems from Blackboard to… Canvas. After fielding numerous emails from instructors and students needing help with their course sites, Holets realized either she had to rename the magazine or take on a new role in information technology. She chose the former. And that’s how (and why) Untold Magazine came to be in Fall 2019.


(2019— )

Untold got thrown another curveball when the COVID-19 pandemic completely disrupted campus life. Despite the mounting challenges, Holets and Design Chief Jennifer Rosario produced a beautiful issue in Spring 2020. Both embraced the chaos of the semester but also sought strategies for a smoother future. In this issue, standing sections for Lifestyle, Musings, and Art were implemented, and Rosario created templates to help maintain layout consistency across transitions to new editorial leadership.

Tackling the ongoing pandemic head on, former Section Editors Ally Gall and Kat McCullum took charge as co-Editors in Chief amidst a still chaotic and unpredictable Fall 2020. Every aspect of the publication moved virtual, from brainstorming to conducting interviews to finalizing the issue for print. Although most staff and contributors never even met in person, Untold built a welcoming and productive community of writers and artists. With Ella Smith serving as Design Chief, the magazine delivered its most visually professional iteration.

When the entire editorial team graduated in Spring 2021, Untold once again faced a challenge; but it should be clear by now that this magazine doesn’t back down.

  • Cover of Untold Magazine, Fall 2019 issue
  • Cover of Untold Magazine, Spring 2020 issue
  • Cover of Untold Magazine, Fall 2020 issue
  • Cover of Untold Magazine, Spring 2021 issue

In Fall 2021, Untold welcomed a brand new editorial team who comprise the most diverse staff in publication history: with POC, LGBTQIA+, disabled and neuro-divergent students, first-generation students, and student parents, Untold‘s leadership now better represents and reflects the Hamline community. To tell the strange, quirky, serious, and overlooked stories of Hamline with an ethic of responsibility and care, Untold has to not just talk the talk but actually walk the walk of inclusive storytelling. This team is more than ready to do so.

Current leadership will continue the publication’s legacy of producing high-quality issues that readers have come to expect. But with seven different majors and many early in their academic careers, this editorial team promises to also deliver the unexpected. Led by Editor in Chief Kimia Kowsari and Managing Editor Joanna Johnson, along with Design Chief Max Ridenour, these folks are creative and crafty and just plain cool. The whole group brings an undeniable energy and enthusiasm to Untold that will take the magazine in exciting new directions.

The Fall 2021 issue on IDENTITY is only the beginning.

  • Cover of Untold Magazine, Fall 2021 issue