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Witch Daughter

by Kivi Weeks “You were a surprise, my dear. Not many rabbits go for the sacrifice of motherhood. It is inherently bloody. The proteins attract ravens and frogs and wild dogs more often. When I saw you in my garden for the first time, I… Read More

The Fisherman.

by Emiliano Garcia Fisher The tears that have been shed are enough to fill a sea,  Each drop filled with the bitter salt from his mundane eyes.  No Fisherman will dare part on this voided sea.  The sea is desolate and dormant.  This sea is… Read More

Reviews and Recs: Books on Identity

by Alison Pasbrig Personal identity is very important to most people, but sometimes finding representation of your identities in novels can be quite difficult. When I read about characters who have similar identities to me, it makes me feel happy and understood. So, I have… Read More