The Fisherman.

by Emiliano Garcia Fisher

The tears that have been shed are enough to fill a sea,

 Each drop filled with the bitter salt from his mundane eyes. 

No Fisherman will dare part on this voided sea. 

The sea is desolate and dormant. 

This sea is only full of hollow wishes, 

This sea is intimate with the departed bloom from the unfledged.

 This sea is stocked with melancholy. 

The only thing that floats atop this sea is heartbreak,

from the soul of which it came.  

The waves crash with treachery night after night. 

Yet the Fisher sets a sail full of spite. 

Malice fills the heart.

He knows this journey will not be with haste. 

This is a voyage that lasts throughout the rough course of time. 


The rain comes only to exacerbate the sea. 

The Fisher is obedient to what the rain demands. 

The rain will only drive his resolve. 

The more the rain comes the more the Fisher is uplifted, 

For one day the rain will stop. 

The Sun will rise again. 

The Fisher will see the land from which he came. 

Off the boat, he strides. 

Sees the land that has bloomed from the rain. 

The Fisher is indebted, 

Grateful to the sun to have been gone,

 From its absence now lays an evolved life. 

The fisherman knows that he can not be a fisherman without the sea.

 And the Sea can not be without the days of rain.

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